Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where I want to go this year

The past two years have been learning experiences. Most everything seems to go in slow motion for me. Working full-time and raising a family come first in my house so that could be a good reason for this feeling. I have gained a lot of knowledge but don't have much to show for it. My crosses were minimal but I used the many OP seeds I had plus many from other people to learn to grow seeds. I am finally ready to get started with the real thing.

Living in zone 5 my season is just getting started. A lot of my interest goes into the species roses. I love the Pimpinellifolae class (including the spins and early oriental yellows). I am also interested in the Caninae section and last but definitely not least are the prairie roses bred by the Canadians last century. I am trying to carefully choose some moderns to incorporate at some point in time.

One of the crosses I am looking forward to making is L83 x Basye's Legacy. Both of these roses pique my interest. It may prove to be interesting even if it will end up pink.

Another I am looking forward to is doubtful to take but I will try anyway. I am going to receive pollen from Paul Barden of a rose bred by Kim Rupert which is 1-72-1 x R. hugonis (1-72-1 is a sister seedling to Rise 'n' Shine). I would like to put this pollen onto a R. sericea OP seedling I received from David Zlesak. From what Paul has told about the Rupert seedling though is that he has never gotten anything from it so fertility is very much lacking.

Those are just a couple of highlights for my upcoming hybridizing season though I have many more things rolling around my brain. As for those, I will keep you posted.


  1. You wrote: "One of the crosses I am looking forward to making is L83 x Basye's Legacy."

    You may want to do the inverse, as L83 rarely produces viable seeds. Thought you oughtta know ;-)

  2. Thanks Paul.

    How quickly can I pry open a bud of BL to pollinate it before it self-pollinates? Kim has done it before but he said you have to get to the bloom early.

  3. Not sure.....I have not used it. Better ask Kim for more details.