Saturday, April 25, 2009

Waking up from Winter

Most of my first year roses that I didn't put in the ground last year have made it through the winter. The past few winters I have been putting my pot ghetto in my shed. I keep them watered so they don't dry out and then come springtime out they come. I have found that I can keep zone 6 and 7 roses in there also and 9 times out of ten they make it through ( I am zone 5). I have found very little die back this way either so it gives them a good start. I have no room for a greenhouse or else I would have one in my yard. Most of my roses end up in my dad's yard about an hour away where there is ample room for the large shrub and species roses to grow.


  1. I live in zone 7 and still have to worry about roses in pots not making it through the winter
    but there are some nice pots at Lowes that I purchased that seem to work good. I have one rose that is just sitting there, 3 thin canes, no bud eyes swelling, all the rest completely leafed out and forming buds, but this one the canes are still green. I switched it from full sun to partial day shade and still nothing. Maybe I am just too impatient. I think it may be a goner though. Its a shame because it was a nice light pink with wondeful form and good scent...JFK X Route 66 seedling,... lots of petals too.

  2. "Pot Ghetto," I love it!

    Jean, some roses are just lazy, and the yearlings you breed from them the laziest of all. Nightmoss is always the last to break in my garden, and her offspring are the same. Still waiting for any hint of breaking on those, pretty much all the rest of the yearlings are in leaf.